Kisseberth Farm

Wrinklypaws English Bulldog Mama's

Wrinklypaws Faith

Wrinklypaws Faith is weighing in at 48lbs. She is DNA Health and Color Tested. She is a very mellow girl, she loves lounging around snuggling. She is a Cruella and Branch daughter, and a Tiana and Swagger Grand daughter.


Wrinklypaws Cruella

Cruella is currently weighing in at 42lbs, she is DNA Health and Color Tested. She is the ultimate Bulldog, she has gorgeous looks and the best personality. She is quite the character!

Wrinklypaws Tiana- Cruella & Nalas Dam

Wrinklypaws Cruella and Wrinklypaws Nala are from Wrinklypaws Tiana and Swaggers Drop of Love.


Drop of Love-
Cruella & Nala

Wrinklypaws Charmin

Wrinklypaws Charmin was born during the 2020 Toilet Paper crisis which is how her name came about. She is a Wrinklypaws Poppy and Littleoager Chaps baby. She is weighing in at 58lbs, she likes to be a little on the plump side as she loves her food! Don’t let that chunk fool ya though this girl is quite active!

Wrinklypaws Poppy

Littleoagers Wearin
His Cowboy Chaps

Wrinklypaws Marinette

Wrinklypaws Marinette is a Black Sable Merle. She is DNA Health and Color tested. She is 42 lbs this little lady is short and squatty. She has a very loving temperament and absolutely gorgeous blue eyes! She is a Wrinklypaws Sparkles and Wrinklypaws Branch baby.

Wrinklypaws Sparkles

Wrinklypaws Branch